How to get lost in Auroville!

New day, new impressions. Today was the day of confusion.

Auroville is a community that was created in the late 60’s by Mirra Alfassa aka ‘The Mother’. Its main concept is to live in a human unity, a communion that belongs to no one in specific, but to humanity as a whole. It’s a community where everyone from all the world’s corner can come and live. (Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten a grip of this either.)

Confusion must be the title of today! The day started of with an orientation of Auroville. We were given a map, a paper full of tasks to do and information to gather, 2 hours and our bikes and mopeds. We all made it back…. eventually, and the orientation was for sure an adventure. My group had the amazing opportunity to visit the Center Guest House that is located, as its name states, in the center of Auroville. The whole place is located in a jungle of trees, not any ordinary trees but trees whos trunk is connected and wired together, as if they all were grown into one giant tree. Amazing!

The day continued with another dose of confusion on the adic/top floor. We had the great opportunity to meet Deepti who’ve lived here since she was 16 years old.  The whole meeting was purely philosophical. Imagine 25 people sitting on the floor, on the top of the house in this beautiful adic with an incredible view over Auroville. The sun is shining, it’s very hot, and in comes easy breezes as we listen to Deepti talk about self-awareness, oneness, communion and spirituality. D described the thought behind the evolution, how aurovillians view it, their philosophy and background, their thoughts on topics such as human unity, communion, self-awareness and that it differs a lot from the Indian religious views. I haven’t really figured out how to put words on this experience or on Auroville at all. But as soon as I have figured it out, I’ll let you know. For now I will leave you with some quotes from today’s session with Deepti, our visit and incredible dinner at Solitude which is an ecological, self-sustainable farm and restaurant runned by a very energetic, characteristic and interesting man called Krishna.

One must find oneself in order to be able to live in complete oneness with others – Deepti

Your body can age but your spirit is ageless – Deepti

We are not connecting with food, we are connecting with nature – Krishna on ecologically grown food.

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